10 Questions with the Leadership Team!

Thinking of applying for the Leadership Team? You have come to the right place! We asked some of our Leadership Team members questions about their role, what is involved, and what they love most about their portfolio! Keep on reading to find out what the Leadership Team is all about!

What is the Leadership Team?

The Leadership Team is made up of 25 volunteers plus the Executive. These teams work closely together to ensure that all aspects of Ignite Mentoring as an organisation run smoothly! Any other questions? Check out the Our Team page!

The Leadership Team consists of Volunteers, Finance, Marketing, Programs, and Operations Team members, plus all of the Executive members:

Now that you know a little bit about the team, let's dive into the questions!

Volunteers Team

What is your favourite event to host and why?

My favourite event to host is Mentor Training Day. This is the first time as coordinators we get to meet our mentor group, get to know them and it marks the beginning of the program! I love seeing new mentors and returning mentors, going through some training, games and definitely buying merch! The Ignite Amazing Race is now a new tradition for our post-training day social. It’s an amazing way to bond within mentor groups in a fun and (very) competitive way.

What made you apply for the Volunteers team?

I applied specifically for the Volunteers Team because mainly I love planning events. The mid and end-of-sem social are two events I love working on because we have the freedom to do whatever we want! Something that I didn’t expect to love is mentor recruitment and travelling to different universities and TAFEs followed by conducting interviews. The Volunteers Team is very hands-on and you truly