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2014-2017: 10 Years of Ignite Mentoring!

We are back with Part 2 of Ignite Mentoring’s 10 Year Anniversary series! From 2014-2017, Ignite Mentoring continued to grow, hold new events, and establish its mission. Keep on reading for more info - and don't forget to grab your tickets for our 10 Year Anniversary!


Over the last few years, Ignite Mentoring had established a passion committee to help run our organisation. However, we were still finding our feet and had some restructuring to do. In 2014, we decided to rename the Committee to the Executive (as we still are today!) and new roles (such as an Evaluations Director for our Programs) were added!

In addition, the organisation introduced the formal role of Coordinators and developed a Coordinator Strategy. Coordinators were introduced to create more meaningful participation, have them manage mentor groups, and choose activities for classes to run. However, Mentors also ran activities as Coordinators do currently! A Coordinator Handbook was introduced to help guide Coordinators in addition to Coordinator training day.

Some coordinating tips from the handbook include:

  • Be able to judge the mood of the room and adapt to any changes that occur

  • Be flexible with the activities you are running

  • Make an effort to hang out with your fellow Mentors socially.

  • Bring plenty of energy to the classroom so that you can set that mood!!!

On March 7, 2014, Ilona Quahe (founder of Ignite Mentoring) was given the opportunity to speak at the United Nations Youth State Conference about Ignite Mentoring. This was a great chance to gain exposure for our organisation!


The Coordinator strategy was implemented effectively and Ignite Mentoring has 16 passionate Coordinators! By 2015, Ignite was holding classes at 4 different schools: Langford Islamic College, Balga Senior High School, Hamilton Hill, and Southern River College.

In the middle of each semester, Ignite Mentoring had been holding excursions for their students. During this time, the Programs Manager (Events and Excursions) was responsible for this role. Excursions were held for Langford Islamic College and Southern River College

students and teachers continued to see the value that Mentors were bringing to the students:

One student who has been with Ignite mentors for a while used to be really unenthusiastic about studying. But she now has done an amazing job at studying for exams – she's made up all these study diagrams and is getting people to quiz her. She has become autonomous in her study program, in a different subject to the one the mentors were in." - Rosemary, teacher

One student who was previously so shy and awkward put his hand up in assembly to answer a question. He's really coming out of himself. I know Ignite has had a lot to do with that because I’ve seen him joining in all the Ignite activities enthusiastically. - Tina, teacher


Ignite Mentoring held Leadership applications in 2016 for three teams: Volunteers, Programs, and Fundraising. The Leadership Team was smaller at this stage but would soon grow to add in Marketing and Operations teams.

Taking on a leadership position within Ignite Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity for both experienced and new mentors. You will have an increased impact in an organisation which seeks to address educational inequality, learn what it’s like to work in a not-for-profit organisation, and have a fantastic time along the way.

In 2016, the organisation gained another school – South Fremantle Senior High School! An excursion was held for the new students in Semester 2.


Ignite Mentoring continued to develop the Executive and Leadership Teams, hold many more excursions, and find new ways to expand. Some highlights from the year include:

  • Started delivering programs to Kiara College

  • Awarded Best UWA Student Volunteer Involving Organisation by Guild Volunteering!

  • The organisation had 26 Coordinators and 103 Mentors: 129 young volunteers!

Have you read Part 1: 2011-2013? Check it out here!


Don't forget to buy your tickets for our 10 Year Event on Friday, August 20! The night will be a fun Cocktail celebration for current mentors, alumni, and friends! Your ticket includes:

  • Food & Drink (two free drinks come with your ticket purchase!)

  • A raffle with some goodies up for grabs!

  • Photography, DJ, and a dancefloor

  • Memories of Ignite Mentoring!



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